When you buy a generator, you are purchasing peace of mind. With a generator, you can be sure that your home projects that need power aren’t suddenly ruined due to a black or brown-out. But now that you have one, you want to make sure you know how to take care of it.

You want to make sure your generator’s lifespan is as long as it is possible to run it. Take a look at these five tips to increase the lifespan of generators for homeowners!

1. Regular Maintenance

As with anything, regular generator maintenance is a must. This means both preventative and repairs. Most dealers will sell extended warranties or maintenance contracts that will help you spot problems before they happen.

Remember to run your generator for about thirty minutes every week to allow for oil circulation. This also has the advantage of giving you an advanced warning if there is anything wrong. Sometimes parts of generators fail before the whole thing does. Running it once a week is an excellent step in preventative maintenance.

2. Check Your Oil Levels

Before you start your generator and stop it, use the dipstick to check your oil levels. If the level is below the optimal mark, add some oil to the tank. Always use the manufacturer’s recommended oil brand and type.

Make sure you change the oil filter at the manufacturer’s recommended time intervals and check the manual for the correct filter type, too! The wrong kind of oil or filter can damage your generator. Keeping these things in mind will help the lifespan of your generator!

3. Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning involves making sure the exhaust and intake fans are clear of debris or no plants have grown up around the generator. In winter, you’ll want to clean the machine of snow. If you have a generator enclosure, keep watch for rodents, and other small pests haven’t made the place their home.

4. Battery Inspection

Keeping the battery and its housing free of corrosion or leakage is essential, keeping the oil fresh and topped off. If there is any, call and get maintenance scheduled right away! This goes for the wires and terminals of the battery.

5. Cover Your Generator

Covering your generator to prevent weather damage can help its longevity. There are special enclosures you can buy that are meant for just that! If you live in an area where severe weather is likely, giving your generator a home of its own can help cut down repair costs and extend that one-thousand to two-thousand-hour life span!

The Lifespan of Generators

There are a lot of little things you can do to help increase the lifespan of generators. From keeping your eyes on the oil level to making or buying a cozy generator enclosure to shield it from the elements, it is a necessary to-do list to keep your generator going strong for years to come. If you need maintenance and are looking for Toronto generator providers, call Paramount Power Systems to request a quote!