How Do You Create An Emergency Preparedness Plan

Are you concerned about the reliability of your home’s power grid in Toronto? Are you worried a storm, ice storm, or flooding may cause a long and devastating power outage that will affect all your household systems? Do you use an at-home medical device that relies on electricity?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, and especially if you answered yes to all of them, having an emergency preparedness plan can help alleviate your worry and anxiety about potential power outages, especially if that plan includes a standby generator.

How Do You Create an Emergency Preparedness Plan?

Creating an emergency preparedness plan may seem daunting, but there is a three-letter acronym that can guide you through the process:

  • Assess your needs: What are your immediate needs during a power outage? Will you require a standby generator for home heating, refrigeration, and vital medical equipment? How long could you wait until you would require backup power? Once you have assessed your power needs, you can seek out the assistance of a residential generator vendor to help you calculate the total wattage you will require from a standby generator.   Other needs to consider are the food, water, and medical requirements during a power outage. These considerations will determine what needs to go into your emergency kit, which we discuss below.
  • Standby Generator: A previous article, “The Home Generator Buyer’s Guide: Types, Size, Fuel” discusses the most important considerations when deciding on a standby generator for your emergency preparedness plan. Speaking with generator vendors can also be an invaluable help when choosing the right backup generator for your home. They can discuss your needs and options with you and counsel you on makes, models, and installation.
  • Kit & Plan: It is recommended to have 72 hours of food, water, and medical supplies in an emergency kit. This kit should also include a flashlight, candles, matches, cash, extra keys to the car and house, and your family emergency plan. This plan is simple and can easily fit on a recipe card. It lays out the family’s action plan of where to go and whom to call in case of an emergency. Ideally, you will discuss and review this plan and check the expiration dates of items in your emergency kit annually. An easy way to remember this is to schedule it for the same day you check your smoke detectors

To keep things simple, you can purchase a prepackaged emergency kit from the Canadian Red Cross or elsewhere. The kit should be kept in an easy-to-remember, accessible location with your emergency plan.

Preparing for Natural Disasters & Power Outages in Toronto

Paramount Power Supplies has been helping Ontarians prepare for emergencies for over 33 years. We sell and install KOHLER® natural gas and propane standby generators and help you prepare for any power outage emergency. Call us today to learn more about our dependable generators in Toronto. We work together to write your family’s emergency preparedness power plan.