Generators are generally used as a power backup in homes, businesses and other facilities. Power outages can be taxing as they can momentarily bring your life to a standstill. People living in areas with minimal power outages tend to not buy generators unless there is an approaching natural calamity, such as a hurricane or a flood. It is an immediate decision taken without any preparation, creating a high chance of ending up with the wrong item. Just to get the power up and running the generator technicians usually skip through the critical safety measures that need to be taken. That is a reason why carbon monoxide poisoning due to generators is still a major cause of deaths.

Paramount Power Systems Ltd is your go-to company for power solutions and generators. We have been in this business for more than 30 years now. From diesel operated to natural gas operated generators, we have it all!

The generator industry has various kinds of generators based on classifications. It is primarily fuel-based and utilizes petrol, diesel and gas. In recent years, generators which run on solar energy have gained major popularity.

Top 5 Varieties of Generators

Here is a list of generators you should consider buying

Diesel generators

The primary advantages of diesel generators are that they are lowly priced, have low flammability, operate well in adverse conditions, last for long periods of time without malfunctioning and have the best fuel efficiency.

Gas generators

Propane and natural gas are used as fuels in gas generators. These gases are environment-friendly and much cleaner than diesel or petrol. The noise gas generators emit is less than other generators. They are great for power backup during

Petrol generators

They are the same as diesel generators. Petrol is a bit more expensive than diesel and is heavier on the pocket.

Solar generators

Solar generators function noiselessly. The acquisition costs may be higher, but they are totally worth it. They’re pollution-free, have zero running costs and provide abundant power on sunny days.

Hybrid generators

They can be run on solar energy during the day and on fuel at night. They are a great option as residential generators.

For your house, you can choose the automatic kohler® generator that keeps the power running during unexpected power outages or calamities. They provide clean, quiet and efficient power backup to keep your family safe and secure. In case of a power outage, the generator automatically starts and helps restore power.

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