Gas generators that are fueled by natural gas help produce electricity for household, industrial and commercial needs. They provide life-saving backup for when electricity supply seizes. Paramount Power Systems is a family-owned and operated company with over 30 years of experience in gas generators. Our services include industrial generators, residential generators and mobile generators.

Here’s why you should choose gas generators:

No fuel maintenance required

Diesel fuel tanks need to be checked by facility managers as they face the risk of being damaged. The shelf life of diesel is as low as a year. With gas, you don’t need to deal with such issues.

Enhanced air quality & environment-friendly

Diesel generators cause more pollution or harm to the environment in comparison to gas generators which run on natural gas, which is eco-friendly!

Fuel costs decrease

Diesel costs much more than natural gas, and during calamities, the price of diesel shoots up. Natural gas provides a cost-effective and reliable alternative to diesel.

Installation is easier

Delivering diesel to places that may be remote or challenging to access, such as rooftops, is pretty difficult. Delivering natural gas is much more convenient.

Continuous supply of fuel

During an emergency, such as a natural or man-made disaster, diesel replenishment is really difficult. Fuel delivery will be stopped during such times, thus, it is better to use gas generators instead.

For gas generators that you can rely on, contact Paramount Power Systems today!