What You Need To Know Before Buying A Standby Generator

Deciding to install a standby generator is a significant step towards ensuring uninterrupted comfort and safety in your life.

This blog talks about the points you need to consider before buying a standby generator, guiding you make an informed decision toward reliable power solutions.

Assessing Your Power Needs

Begin by listing the essential appliances and systems you need during a power outage. This list might include:

  • Heating systems
  • Refrigerators
  • Medical equipment
  • Critical business machinery

Paramount Power Systems recommends calculating the total wattage these devices require. This calculation ensures that your commercial or residential generator can handle your immediate needs. It also provides room for future additions.

Choosing the Right Generator Capacity

When selecting a generator, it’s important to consider two key types of wattage: running (or continuous) watts and starting (or peak) watts. Running watts refer to the steady amount of power needed to keep your appliances and systems operational, while starting watts are the higher amount of power required initially to start motor-driven devices, usually for a brief period.

For residential use in Toronto, capacities typically range from 5,000 to 20,000 watts. Paramount Power Systems can help determine the right size based on your calculated needs.

It’s important to note that choosing a generator that is too large can be as inefficient as opting for one that is too small.

Transfer Switch

The transfer switch is how your standby generator will turn on during a blackout.

Automatic and manual transfer switches are the two types to know about. An automatic transfer switch will automatically turn on the generator to provide emergency power to your property.

You’ll always want a professional to install a standby generator so that they can install the transfer switch with it.

Understanding Generator Options: Fuel Type

The choice of fuel type for your generator may impact convenience and cost. Paramount Power Systems offers generators running on:

  • Natural gas
  • Propane

Natural gas generators are connected to the municipal gas supply, offering convenience and continuous fuel availability. They are quieter and cleaner than diesel generators but may be less efficient in fuel usage. Natural gas generators are a good choice for residential and light commercial needs.

Propane is another clean-burning option, known for its long shelf-life. Propane generators are more environmentally friendly, with lower emissions. They are suitable for places where natural gas is not available and are ideal for both residential and light commercial use.

Maintenance and Warranty Agreements

A standby generator requires ongoing maintenance. Remember to check the warranty offered by the manufacturer. For example, Paramount Power Systems is a large Kohler generator dealer. Kohler residential generators come with an extensive 5-year warranty covering both parts and labor for up to 2000 hours.

Powering Your Peace of Mind: Install a Standby Generator in Toronto

The decision to install a standby generator is an investment in continuity and peace of mind. Paramount Power Systems has been a trusted generator company in Toronto for more than 33 years. With us, you gain a generator and a partner in power. Our expertise in assessing your specific needs ensures that you get the right generator.

Ready to secure your home? Explore your options with Paramount Power Systems today and install a standby generator tailored to your unique requirements, where quality service and customer satisfaction are paramount. Reach out to us today.