Paramount Power Systems provide you with the best home generators for your home or cottage in Toronto and throughout Ontario. We offer air cooled Kohler generators that can supply power to your homes for the duration of any power outage. These are available from 10kw-26kw. We also offer a wide range of liquid cooled Kohler generators that run without making much noise, thus minimizing any discomfort caused to you and your neighbours. These are available in larger sizes starting at 30kw.

We have been supplying residential generators to homeowners throughout the GTA for over 30 years and as a result have received excellent reviews from all our customers.  Paramount believes in standing with you in times of need, and thus, our generators can be counted upon in cases of unexpected power outages.


Whole house generators, also known as home standby generators, are perfect for residential use. They can efficiently provide power to all your appliances, electronics and HVAC systems. The generator will automatically turn on when the power goes off. The generator’s internal system sets itself into operation mode to supply power to your house or cottage.



Emergency power backup
Home standby Kohler generators provide the ultimate source of backup power created by a power outage. You don’t need to be home when the power goes out. It will automatically turn on. You don’t need to go outside during a storm or power outage, and you don’t need to refill the gas which can be messy and dangerous. As more and more people work from home and learn from home, it is increasingly important to ensure that your homes electrical demands are not interruped during a power outage.
Power during renovation
If you are having your house built or are upgrading it, a home generator can be of great use. A house generator can reduce overall building expenses and can be utilized to power items such as spray guns and nail guns, and other construction electrical equipment.


Can I install a home generator by myself?
No. A licensed electrical and gas contractor is required to install your generator. Your utility company will give us the date for the disconnect so that we can install the transfer switch and generator. You will be without power for 2-4 hours and then they will reconnect you to the grid once the installation is complete.
If my generator breaks down, what do I do?
To remain in good condition, all home generators need to be serviced regularly. We recommend preventative maintenance at least once a year. We at Paramount Power Systems and Ronnie’s, provide excellent generator repair and maintenance services. You can call Ronnie’s to schedule emergency generator services.  The most common reasons a generator won’t start are low coolant levels, a dead battery, or a cold weather kit was not installed where temperatures fall below the freezing mark.
How long does it take for my home generator to start?
Generators for houses are installed to provide seamless power in an outage event and automatically turn on in less than 10 seconds when your power goes out.
What can my generator power during an outage?
A home generator running during a power outage is capable of supplying power to your entire home or most of the appliances that were affected depending on the size of the generator installed. Whether it’s your electronics, furnace or lights, your home generator is capable of running everything.


We are a company that has been providing residential generators in Toronto and throughout Ontario for over 30 years. What started as a single man operation in 1989 has grown into a big team of dedicated and committed people to cater to your generator needs.


At Paramount Power Systems, we strongly believe in providing you with the best generators for houses to suit all your needs.  Our large selection of home generators ranges from 12 kW to 100kW. Our services include sales, delivery, installation, maintenance, and service repairs to residents of Toronto and throughout Ontario. We place a high priority on developing long-term relationships with our clients, as proven by our exceptional level of technical assistance and attention to customer care.

Thus, we are available to supply you with quality generators and provide you with consultation and advice on which residential generator to buy. With 24-hour emergency response to excellent customer service, we do our best so that you don’t face any inconvenience due to a power outage. Get in touch with us for emergency service.


Our home generators in Toronto are reputed for their superior quality and performance.