Any generator can be made less reliable if it is not properly maintained, and the only time they’re going to fail is right when you need them most.

Our sister company, Ronnie’s Generator Service, specializes in timely and expert maintenance and repairs to all makes and models of generators, including Paramount brand units, mtu and Kohler® warranty maintenance.

Ronnie’s skilled technicians can handle any generator fuel type, including natural gas, propane, diesel and power bank generators. Whether you require scheduled maintenance or a 24 hour emergency service call, trust Ronnie’s for your generator servicing, parts and repairs.

To schedule 24/7 emergency generator services in Mississauga and throughout Ontario, call Ronnie’s Generator Service Ltd. today!


We service areas across Ontario. Regardless of the fault in your generator, our expert workmen can provide you with complete solutions at an honest price. Call us to know more about our emergency generator repair services in Ontario.